Why Us?

Conservative Underwriting, Exceptional Communication, Impressive Returns.

Dolan Capital is a Real Estate Investment Firm, 
Financed by Private Investors & Institutions, we deploy capital to acquire commercial multifamily properties in the Southeastern United States, with a focus on Central Florida. We provide real estate investment opportunities to Accredited & Sophisticated Investors, that deliver consistent returns, tax advantages, and cash flow.


At Dolan Capital, we take a fiduciary approach with our Investors. 
Too often we see Sponsors that irresponsibly underwrite deals and promise unrealistic returns in order to attract investors, that is not us. 

We are dedicated to the preservation of our Investor’s capital first, followed by delivering an impressive return on that capital.

You will never see “rose-colored glasses” assumptions in our underwriting. 

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At Dolan Capital, we pride ourselves on the level of communication we have with our Investors.  

We have 100% transparent in reporting and are always available to respond to our Investor's questions as quickly as possible. 

We conduct webinars, conference calls, 1-on-1 calls, and weekly email updates to make sure we are answering all questions that you may have.

We use cutting-edge technology for our Investor Portal called GroundBreaker

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Although preservation of our Investor's capital is our top priority, do not think for a second we aren’t looking to get our Investors the best returns possible.
With our knowledge, technology, and tact mixed with the benefits of multifamily real estate we are going to consistently beat the returns seen in the S&P 500, and without the volatility of crypto.

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Benefits of investing in multifamily real estate.

Below-Average Risk: 

When the housing bubble popped in 2008, the delinquency rates on Freddie Mac single-family loans soared, hitting 4% in 2010. By contrast, delinquency on multifamily loans peaked at 0.4%. So, if you’re looking for a recession-proof way to invest your money, there is no better option than apartment building investing.

Above Average Returns:

The average stock market return over the last 15 years was 7.04% but after fees, inflation, and taxes that return becomes a paltry 2.5%. On the other hand, multifamily syndications routinely return average annual returns of 10% and above. That’s compounded (i.e. without volatility) and after fees, inflation, and yes, even taxes.

Passive Income:

Unlike stocks and bonds, multifamily syndications generate cash flow for their investors from the income generated by the property.

Extraordinary Tax Benefits:

Because of the magic of “bonus depreciation”, your investment income is taxed at a much lower rate than any other investment (in fact, you may actually show a taxable loss that can be used to offset other passive income!).

Hedge Against Inflation:

As inflation increases, so does the value of the property, the perfect hedge against inflation.

At Dolan Capital, it is our opinion that with our current tax laws in the U.S. investing in domestic real estate syndications, especially multifamily apartment buildings is the best passive investment on the planet.

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